The EMRSs may be affiliated either to the State or Central Boards of Secondary Education as desired fit by the State Governments/UT Administration.

The norms and standards for a school class VI to class VIII in respect of the number of teachers to be appointed, as provided in the Schedule to the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act 2009 shall be strictly followed.

Efforts may be made to recruit maximum no. of women teachers. At the time of recruitment, preference may be accorded to candidates whose spouses also qualify for selection as teachers. Women should be given preference for employment among the non-teaching staff and in any case women be deployed in the posts of cook, helper and cleaner.

Each State Government/UT Administration would be solely responsible for the management and effective functioning of the EMRSs.

State Governments/UT Administration may opt for any feasible/ suitable mode of management whether by autonomous education societies; public-private partnership with reputed educational institutions; in arrangement with the State Department of Education or any other mode found suitable.

All State Governments/UT Administration are encouraged to set up a society/use an existing registered education society for the management of the EMRSs. Such a society will be eligible for accepting donations, contributions and grants from individuals and institutions, for the purposes of augmenting the infrastructure/ facilities/ educational resources of the schools in the interest of quality education.

A Management Committee may be constituted for each EMRSs which could include, among others, reputed local NGOs involved with education. Help of such NGOs may be taken to organize socially relevant, development/ welfare extension programmes.

The tasks of school admissions, appointment of teachers, appointment of staff, personnel matters and day-to-day running of the schools would be handled entirely by the society chosen by the State Government/UT Administration and in the manner deemed most suitable.

The State Governments/UT Administration shall ensure and maintain the highest quality in the selection of teachers and staff for academic and extra-curricular excellence.

The Government of India, Ministry of Tribal Affairs shall not accept any responsibility for the management of the School including student admission, staff recruitment, personnel policy / administration estate management etc.

TypePostSanctionedVacancy FilledVacant PostAlt Arrangement by the VMC
PGT English220Guest
PGT Physics110Guest
PGT Maths101
PGT Biology110Guest
TGT English202
TGTSoc. Studies220
TGTTGT(Art &Craft)101
Non TeachingLibrarian101
Non TeachingU.D.C.101
Non Teaching L.D.C.110
Non Teaching Sub Staff (Lab)303
Non TeachingWarden220
Non TeachingAsst. Teacher303